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Suzan Jones Rocks



While Studying fine art in college, I learned aobut sculpture, painting, and drawing. I discovered my passion for photography that combines all aspects of the art I have loved all my life.  Having been in front of the camera as a fitness model, I am behind the camera and love  taking photos of wonderful people all over the world. Not only people, but everything from portraits to street photography. 

Taking Photos around the World

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and beautiful, interesting rock stars!  I use my camera to document the world. Printing images with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. My pictures tell my stories. photography portfolio and headshots

Street photography/Set Stills

I love to take photos all the time and everywhere I go.  Taking set stills of productions hard work is super fun for me. Taking photos of everday street life, there's a photo around every corner!